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This site, like many others, allows you to create a trail of websites for students to follow. At each step in the "jog" you can add a description including questions for students to consider/answer that relate to the specific page. Here's a track about the library resources available to our district's students. In addition, you can search for and use tracks created by others!

Registration is required to create tracks but not to use them!


This site takes a list of URLs and "krunches" them down into one URL. Then they are presented in sequential format. Take a look at my example of rainforest sites.


(description from website) "kwout" is a way you quote a part of a web page as an image with an image map.

The process is simple:external image GW401H185
  1. Grab a screenshot from a website.
  2. Cut out an area.
  3. Post to almost anywhere using the generated code!

The box to the right is a cutout from the Print, Cut, Fold website using kwout.



This site allows you to create a "binder" of sorts that holds and displays websites, documents, and more in a tabbed format. Check out my binder here about verifying information you find on websites.

Many teachers have used LiveBinders to collect and present resources within a certain unit. Others use it as their class websites! There are many options to create, edit, and share binders. Try using the bookmarklet that can be placed in your browser's toolbar to quickly add a site to a binder. In this sense, the site could have been placed in the Cloud Computing category alongside EverNote, Dropbox, etc. It could also be classified as a website builder!

Vokiexternal image GW73H60


OK, this is just too cool. Here you can create your own avatar (you get to choose what it looks like, the way it dresses, the background, etc.), add your voice via telephone, upload from your computer, or use their built-in text to speech converter. Then place the avatar on any page that accepts code! Imagine introducing or commenting on a web page in your own voice!

Registration is not required unless you want to go back and edit your voki after creating it!