Audio & Podcasting


2011-07-19_124558.pngThis is an awesome online editor and loop mixer (think GarageBand online- and not only for Mac). Here's a sample of a song I created using nothing but the loops included with this free service!


Vocaroo is a handy little flash-based audio recorder. Using your computer's microphone, simply click, record, and then post the player any place where HTML code is accepted. It's a quick way for students to record and post their audio comments about any curricular concept. Click the play button to hear a sample! You can also link to your recording if desired (ex: from within a PowerPoint project).

Because it is Flash, when you click record, you must click the Allow button to allow Flash to access your microphone. From my experiences, the first time you record after this, it will not work. Click "Record Again" and all is well.

There is no limit to the length of the recording (yet)!


For free sound effects, nothing beats this great, royalty-free library.The description from their website says it all: soungle.jpg
Soungle is a free site, developed by Southern Codes, for finding all kind of sound FX and musical instruments samples on our mega online library. As different from most of similar sites, Soungle is NOT a Web search engine. It only searches in our growing monster database. Our goals are to keep it simple to use (search, preview and download) and to keep it free.
Keyword searches are performed by entering any word or phrase in a search box. The retrieved results of a keyword search are displayed ten to a page. Clicking on play icon allows you to preview a file. Download button instantly downloads the sound effect or musical instrument sample file. A short description of the sound appears on top of every sound , followed by the frame rate, duration and bit rate. Remember, all of our sound effects and samples are royalty free for downloading.


When I need music for my educational projects like videos, slideshows, and such, this is one of the first places I go! Here, artists post their music (usually under a Creative Commons license) that will allow you to use their music legally! Some of the music is fantastic- some isn't all that great. Search around, you're bound to find something to use!

Still to come: