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This cool website allows you to create your own visual collection of bookmarks and share them as a jump page or start page with students or friends. You simply enter the URL (or use the bookmarklet like I did) and add it to a group (each group has its own URL). Here’s a screenshot of what one of ours looks like. Notice how the site creates a thumbnail for each bookmark and lets you add a description!

Here's a novel idea: how about setting the home page of the browsers in your computer lab to your own sqworl page so that students can easily find the websites you need them to access?

To access my awesome list of websites, click here to see my sqworl page!


This is by far one of the most popular social bookmarking sites on the web. Here, you can:
  • Keep your bookmarks online in one place
  • Bookmark for yourself and friends
  • See what everyone else is bookmarking
You can add a Del.ico.us button to place on your bookmarks toolbar to instantly send a page to your account!


And yet another extremely popular social bookmarking website based on user voting!


Submit a page to 47 of the top bookmarking sites all at once. The site provides a browser button that will pre-populate the form(s) necessary for submission. What a time saver! (The screenshot to the right is from this site).


They made this site for people like me- cool website junkies. It never fails- you are in the middle of a project and you run across a cool site you want to explore but you don't have the time right then. If you bookmark it, it'll hide there for weeks. And when you finally do get around to it, it may not be as cool as you thought. Now when that happens to me, I just press my LaterThis button on my bookmark toolbar. It adds the site immediately to my LaterThis page as an "unread" website. When I do get the time to go back, I can tell which websites I have explored and can easily delete them from there or add them to my real bookmarks. What a great tool! OK, a little nerdy, but great for busy educators!

Many of the links on this wiki took a nap in my LaterThis account before arriving here!

Oh, and of course you can share your LaterThis bookmarks with other users! If you are really bored and want to see what's in my LaterThis set of bookmarks, check out my LaterThis.

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(previously titled Foxmarks)

OK, so this really isn't a Web 2.0 tool in the traditional sense of a pure online application, but I wouldn't be a very good friend to educators without at least mentioning this. It was an add-in originally for Firefox but now supports IE, Chrome, and Safari as well.

You have bookmarks on your home computer. You have bookmarks on your work computer. How many times have you needed a bookmark that is on the other computer at the time? [XMarks enters stage left]

Bookmarking - Web 2.0 Tools for Educators
Bookmarking - Web 2.0 Tools for Educators
Once setup on however many computers you want, the browser will automatically synchronize your bookmarks between multiple computers and keep them up to date! Moreover, it will store your bookmarks on the XMarks server so you can access them from any internet computer via a web-based interface (this is especially handy when traveling). Features include importing/exporting bookmarks, mobile access, sharing bookmarks with friends, backing up of bookmarks any time you make changes, etc.

How did I ever live without this?