Yes, Photoshop is the program to have for all of your photo editing needs (Gimp for you free software junkies). However, not only is Photoshop extremely expensive, it comes with a high learning curve and is way overkill for most common photo editing applications. You may want to consider these online alternatives (notice you won't find any downloadable software here, just true web 2.0 tools):

external image GW64H52


      • No registration required (unless you want to save your image for future editing)
      • Nice, intuitive interface- very similar to Picnik
      • Can upload images or use a host service (Flickr, Picasa, etc.)
      • A full slate of editing features
      • Great effects
      • Levels & curves are available only in the premium version
      • Full screen mode available
      • Easy to use!

external image GW117H362Photoshop Express

This online version of the oh-so-popular image editor has familiar tools such as basic editing, effects, and fine tuning. What you won't find are the draw tools, layers, and more advanced tools. This does include 2 GB of free storage for images, personal galleries, and the ability to upload from Flickr and other hosting sites.

external image GW933H171


  • No registration required (unless you want to save your image for future editing)
  • Nice, intuitive interface, though it contains ads!
  • Can upload images or use a host service (Flickr, Picasa, etc.)
  • A full slate of editing & decorating features including layers, distortions, smart cut-outs, recolor, etc.
  • Great effects not available elsewhere, including morphing


This is definitely a Photoshop and GIMP competitor with many, many features including:
  • Pixel-level control
  • Layers
  • Multi-image editing
  • Many effects & brushes
  • Floating toolbars
  • Open images from most image hosts
  • Easy -to-use

external image GW345H254Sumopaint

This is another Photoshop clone with many features including:
  • Shape tools
  • Brushes
  • Layers
  • Filters
  • Gradients
  • "Gravity"- smoothing out of drawn lines
  • Shape trails
  • Unlimited magnification and more!
  • Registration not required unless you want to store images on their server


  • Full menus of effects and animations that you can't find elsewhere
  • Upload an image or open from a URL
  • Add cool effects such as3-D cubes, animations, etc.
  • Can make adjustments and use various Draw tools

external image GW28H184Phixr

  • Standard set of tools for basic editing
  • Can upload an image or get one from a host
  • No account required (temporary accounts last 3 hours)
  • Can save as JPG, PNG, PDF, GIF

external image GW326H73PicJuice

This is a bare bones, minimalistic photo editor with very few features. This may be a good alternative for younger students who aren't quite ready for more advanced skills. You can only upload one photo, make edits, then save from the displayed image on the web page.

external image GW217H426Pixenate

This nice little site gives you some easy-to-use tools, effects, and filters. There is no registration required and no image hosting. The edited photograph must either be downloaded or sent to a Flickr account. Not a bad tool at all!

external image GW930H175


This online editor lets you do the basics of photo editing through a menu-driven process- nothing using draw tools. This has some nice effects and is very simple to use. Only one image can be loaded at a time and only from a local computer. Edited images can be saved as JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP.

external image GW202H152Snipshot

OK, this one barely made it- for the simple reason that many of the nicest features are reserved for premium (subscription) users. Nonetheless, for basic edits, resizing, adjustments, it's adequate.

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