Librarians on the Loose! 2012

This page contains everything from the presentation titled "Web 2.0: Librarians on the Loose!" originally presented by Jim Holland and Julie Moore at TCEA 2012. To see previous versions of this presentation, click the page titled Librarian in the right navigation panel.

Today's Meet

This is a simple backchannel for any class. A backchannel is like a qigital bulletin board/chat room for any session. The backchannel for the Librarians on the Loose 2 presentation at TxLA 2012 can be found here (expires in one year):

This is a quick and easy way for online screen recording. No software installation is necessary.

Example: How to embed code into Follett's Destiny software system:

Uses in the Library
  • Demonstrate how to log into library account
  • Demonstrate how to access and navigate through various online subscription databases
  • Show parents and new library patrons how to navigate the library website and online catalog
  • Demonstrate step by step instructions on creating a Web 2.0 project for those students who might have been absent or want to create more projects outsodie of the library
  • Have students explain how they search for books, use resources, or create a Web 2.0 project


Uses in the Library
  • ESL students’ literature discussions
  • Multi-campus book club discussions
  • Information literacy portfolios
  • Embedding student-created web 2.0 projects

courtesy of Alicia Vandenbroek, librarian at Shackelford Junior High

QR CodesQRhandoutlink.png

Creative way to engage students in activities such as...
  • Book summaries
  • Student-generated book recommendations
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Multiple choice reviews
  • Vocabulary review

These websites contain our favorite QR Code Generators:

See Jim's complete handouts for the QRazy About Codes session.



Don't forget about the QR LinkMaker extension for Firefox:

Similar in concept to WallWisher and others but far more reliable. This allows students to post to a wall that is either embedded or linked.

Example of Genres Wall:

Can be used for concepts such as:
  • Character analysis
  • Reading response notes
  • Brainstorming

Jog the Web

Author's Purpose-

Secondary Jog the Web examples: courtesy of Alicia Vandenbroek, Shackelford Librarian

Live Binders
Free Research Resources for Secondary Libraries

Secondary Live Binder examples: courtesy of Alicia Vandenbroek, Shackelford Librarian

Fakebook and My Fake Wall

This allows users to create a fake "Facebook-like" wall for characters, historical figures, etc. complete with images, friends, comments, etc.

My Fake Wall seems to experience quite a bit of downtime. Both of these sites are loaded with ads, so you may want to consider using something like AdBlock Plus for Chrome, Firefox, or IE.

Check out this awesome example created by The Alicia Vandenbroek:

View Fullscreen | Create your own


Creates a start page with automatically created thumbnails and links to selected sites. This is useful for:
  • List of databases and library resources
  • Author studies
  • Country/state reports
  • Guiding younger readers to appropriate sites

Holocaust Research Example

By using the bookmarklet in your browser, you can quickly and easily add a site to a Sqworl group:

10-Minute Rapid-Fire Tour - allows you to print only portions of a web page and not the extra "junk"
Boolify- a visual representation of using Boolean operators in web searches
Photopeach- slideshows of panning images and scrolling captions.
Story Mode Example:

2011-2012 Texas Bluebonnet Nominees on PhotoPeach

Spiral Mode Example:

2011-2012 Texas Bluebonnet Nominees on PhotoPeach
Voki- create talking Avatars with your own recorded voice or use the text to speech feature
Book Summary for Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Vocaroo- essentially an online tape recorder- recording can then be embedded elsewhere
Book Talk for Dead is the New Black by Marlene Perez

Minus- share files by simply dragging them into the window then share the URL that is created

Animoto- awesome slideshows created from still images and text, complete with a music library

Try our slideshow maker at Animoto.

Revised handout created by Alicia Vandenbroek, Shackelford Librarian

Readability- a great bookmarklet for your browser instantly removes the extraneous "junk" on any page to make it easier to read
Slideboom- upload PPT slideshow to this side, then use the generated code to embed the slideshow on your own site

Shelfari- Keep track of your read, reading, and want to read books with this fancy bookshelf that can be embedded elsewhere

LaterThis- when you run across a site you want to check out later but don't want to mess up your bookmarks
TinyURL- stop sharing insanely long URLs- instead, make them smaller here
Random Name Picker- paste a list of names into the slot machine, then let it pick one at random
Plurk- set up your own PLN (personal learning network) to get answers that Google just cannot provide