Librarians on the Loose!

Uses in the Library
  • ESL students’ literature discussions
  • Multi-campus book club discussions
  • Information literacy portfolios
  • Embedding student-created web 2.0 projects

Connecting Books with Kidblog (handout from Alicia Vandenbroek)


Girlfriend Material by Melissa Kantor- Story Mode

2009-2010 Bluebonnet Books- Spiral Mode

Uses in the Library
  • New arrivals
  • Book recommendations with student quotes
  • Plot summaries with occasional quiz slides

Other Examples

Lesson Plans


Uses in the Library
  • Book reviews
  • Library announcements
  • Character analyses
  • Share poetry
  • Book talk
  • Giving instructions
  • Introducing lessons


Book Trailer for The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Uses in the Library
  • Reading responses for younger students
  • Character descriptions
  • Chapter book previews


Action/Adventure wall:
Realistic Fiction wall:

Uses in the Library
  • Genres of fiction
  • Story elements of a given story/book
  • Figurative language
  • Book club feedback
  • Literature discussions
  • Collaborative research


See my book review that I created for you...
Code: 60v44
Password: tcea2011

Uses in the Library
  • Book recommendations between students


Uses in the Library
  • Book trailers
  • Fiction genres with specific examples
  • Lesson introductions
  • Library orientation
  • Showcasing projects

Hint: use PowerPoint to create longer and more elaborate title/text slides rather than using the limited titles within Animoto. Simply save your PPT slides as JPG images then upload them to Animoto!


Orientation Slideshow...

2008-2009 Bluebonnet Nominees (a Wordle game)

Uses in the Library
  • Library orientation slideshows
  • Curriculum-related slideshows
  • Database overview and usage


Uses in the Library
  • · Big6™ skills overview
  • Summarization
  • Original writing
  • Poetry
  • Illustrated vocabulary

Other Examples:
Big6 Research Steps:


Jim's Shelf:

Uses in the Library
  • Embed widget listing your New Arrivals
  • Display your most popular books
  • Show the books on specific reading lists (Bluebonnet, LoneStar, Newberry, etc.)

Jog the Web
Uses in the Library
  • Student directions for creating projects such as Book Trailers
  • Tour of library databases and resources
  • Webquests & Hotlists
  • Research links

Other Examples:

Elementary Tips and Tricks: Using Your Interactive Whiteboard with Interactive Websites

Building Digital Book Trailers with Students:

Website Validity:

Tiny URL
Don't expect students to enter long URLs correctly. Take this one, for example:

Random Name Picker

Use this to randomly pick a name or term.
Check out the Burger Diagram, also from


See Jim's Plurk page:


Uses in the Library
  • Main library websites
  • Organizing book trailers
  • Display or embed student projects

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