Online Stopwatchexternal image GW360H270external image GW73H61

This great tool will let you run either a stopwatch or a countdown timer on your screen. It's simple to use- and it has a full screen mode! Where has this been hiding all these years? Be sure to explore the links at the bottom for different graphics for the timer- like the hourglass. You can also download an application for Mac or PC... all for FREE!

Random Name Picker

This is a great tool to choose random students for questions or prizes. This could also be a good in-class review for a spelling test as each student is given a random word from your own list. This little gadget picks a student with one of two graphical interfaces. It can be embedded like this one- try it right here.


Once upon a time, there was screentoaster- a totally web-based screen recorder who met an untimely death in 2010 (see Web 2.0 Graveyard). Taking it’s place is Screencast-O-Matic. This cool screen capture tool is awesome for many reasons:
  • It’s totally web-based with nothing to install.
  • Your screen recordings are automatically saved to and streamed from their servers.
  • Screencasts can be embedded or linked to.
  • Captures include audio and text captions (notes).
  • Captures can be downloaded as mp4, flv, or avi files.
  • And best of all, it’s FREE! FREE! FREE!

Here’s a screencast I made to show users how to embed images in a Kidblog post.

external image GW262H428Corlive

  • An email alternate (see to send me a message)
  • Get your own personal web form for users to send you messages
  • Users can send attachments as well
  • Cut down on spam and prevents web crawlers from harvesting your email address
  • New features coming soon- message forwarding

CuePrompter (see graphic on right)

  • An online teleprompter (pictured to the right)
  • Write or paste your script into the appropriate field
  • Several speeds for reading
  • Full screen capabilities

external image GW288H188PocketMod

This website will generate an eight-panel foldable organizer that can be printed. Users select the content of each of the panels (writing lines, checklists, To-do lists, calendars, contacts, weather forecasts, conversions, etc.). Each of the panels can be customized with various options and input.

There's nothing to embed, no online hosting, and no registration required. While the options for curriculum integration are limited with this tool, it is a good use of technology to help students stay organized.

external image GW360H270Kuku Clock

If you need an online alarm clock to sound at a particular time, this is for you. Set the alarm (it reads your current system time), choose from 4 different annoying sounds, and you're set. Just leave the browser window open (minimized is fine) and all will be well.

external image GW413H253TinyURL

Stop sharing URL's that are so long that users can't type them in! This site will shorten any URL. These shortened URL's are so much easier to distribute to others!

external image GW400H300WebSnapr

You have seen this in action all over the web but probably didn't give it a second thought. This site will take a screen capture of any web page, store that screen capture on their servers, then allow you to link to that image from your own websites, blogs, wikis, etc.

This is also the same service that provides previews of websites when you hover over a link. You can add code to your own websites to do this as well. And yes, it's FREE!