external image GW363H255Dial My Callsexternal image GW65H55

The free version of this service will allow you to record a message (via phone, by uploading MP3 files, or using built-in text-to-speech). The site will then call the numbers of your designated contacts and play the message immediately or at a designated time. In addition you can view a report after the call to see which calls were answered, which ones went to voice mail, busy signals, etc.

Registration is required. The free version is limited to one phone call per day for up to 25 recipients!

external image GW400H300Phone My Phone

  • Have a pre-recorded audio message sent to your phone (any phone) for free
  • Great for reminders & such

Sly Dialexternal image GW354H208

  • Use any mobile or landline to secretly go directly to a mobile phone's email.
  • No registration required
  • Note: does use your minutes and standard long distance charges apply
  • Free version has quick add before patching you through to voice mail (less than 10 seconds)