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Do you think the United States should build a fence/wall on it's sourthern border to stop illegal immigration from Mexico?

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Free Website Polls

This is another poll generator that you may use to create a poll without registering. However, to edit the poll registration is required (email address required but not verified). There are many different layouts & options available.

99 Polls

(description from website):With your free account from 99polls you can now create customized surveys and polls for your website, blog and social network profiles. Using 99polls is a powerful and effective way to get instant feedback.
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Poll Junkie

My Studiyo

  • Creates fabulous looking quizzes!
  • 3 template types
    • Create & Go (traditional quiz)
    • User can Add (user adds one question and sends it on)
    • How "X" are You? (self-rating poll)
  • Registration required (email not verified)
  • Can use introductory video, images, or text
  • Can require users to log in to take quiz
  • A variety of reports are available

Pro Profs Quiz School

  • Create your own quizzes here to embed into other sites
  • Results of each quiz can be emailed
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  • Check out the Flash Cards at the same site!