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OK, most of you already know about Google Docs- Google's online office suite. We all know Google is great- and Google Docs is no exception. Some features you may want to consider:
  • Online storage of any kind of file
  • Collaborate with other writers
  • Create spreadsheets, presentations, and word processing documents (compatible with Microsoft Office)
  • Create online forms for users to fill out and store the data

Etherpad Replacement (Coming Soon)

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There's a whole suite of applications available here- most of which are compatible with the most popular formats, including the Microsoft Office formats! All this for free- and nothing to download! Like Google Docs, you can allow multiple users to collaborate on the same document.

Chart Gizmo

This free chart maker has a variety of chart types and layouts- and almost everything is customizable. It allows import from Excel, though I'm not sure why you'd use this if you had Excel available (except for maybe the Flash chart feature like that shown here).
  • Registration required
  • Email not verified

Productivity Applications (Office) - Web 2.0 Tools for Educators
Productivity Applications (Office) - Web 2.0 Tools for Educators
NCES Kid Zone: Create A Graph

This simple graph creator walks students through the process of creating a graph based on student-supplied data. The result is a graph that can be printed, stored, or a link sent via email. The link will allow students to go back and edit their graphs. Any graph not viewed or edited within 30 days is deleted from their server. The graph cannot be dynamically embedded. For comparison purposes, I used the same data for this graph as the one previous.

No registration is required at all.

Edit Grid

This is a full-featured online spreadsheet- not just a chart maker. Change some of the data below and see how the chart also changes dynamically. Free registration is required. You must enter an email address but it is not validated.