Launch your own SlideRocket presentation!

(description from their website): SlideRocket lets you quickly make stunning presentations, manage a library of related slides and assets, share them securely with colleagues, and measure how they're used. SlideRocket redefines what presentations can do and what they can do for you.

Thanks to Robyn Braun for this example about Science Lab safety!

  • Import PPT presentations (as image files) or build them from scratch
  • Collaborate with others on the same project
  • Can link to or embed presentations
  • Email required to sign up but not verified


This site allows you to upload your presentations in a variety of formats including .ppt .pdf .odp & Google presentations. While the conversion process does not support PowerPoint animations or embedded audio, you may upload audio (.mp3 .wav .wma .au) or link to an exisitng .mp3 file with a URL. Once audio is uploaded, you can use their cool sync tool to synchronize your audio files with your slides. In addition, you can mark your shows public or private. Each slide can be up to 50 MB and each slideshow can be up to 150 slides in length.

Anonymous slideshows can be created by registration (free) is required for future editing.

Viewers can download the PPT file and/or MP3 files unless you state otherwise.


  • Create web-ready presentations from your PowerPoint files
  • Embed presentations into your blog & website
  • Others view your PowerPoint presentation without the need to install anything
  • Collect feedback from your presentation viewers


This is another great choice for uploading your presentations to share. The slideshow to the right is not mine- it was jsut one marked public that I embedded here- the magic of Web 2.0! Keep these features in mind:
  • Upload PPT, PDF presentations, OpenOffice presentations
  • Share publicly or privately
  • Download, bookmark, or search other presentations
  • Sync audio with your slideshow (hosted MP3 files only)- built-in tool for synchronization
  • Join groups
  • Embed into blogs or other websites
  • Full screen viewing available

280 Slides external image GW21H19

This site is an online equivalent to PowerPoint with built-in features to search for online images and videos (or upload your own). You can create your slideshow using this web-based application, then save it in the following formats for distribution: .ppt .pptx .pdf .odp. The site will host your show and it may also be embedded into your blog/wiki.

The options are rather limited in comparison to PowerPoint. There are no transitions, no way to narrate, and the layout of the slides are limited to three. But overall, not bad for someone who doesn't have PowerPoint handy (Open Office's alternative would be much better though). You can instantly uploadyour creations to Slideshare!.

Note: Google images is blocked in our district so the search for images didn't produce anything.


Don't let the name fool you- while you can deliver live presentations using this nifty tool, the meeting can be asynchronous as well.
  • ODP and PPT files only (no pptx)
  • Can be private or public (users need a passcode to view and/or download)
  • Can store up to 5 presentations at once
  • Viewers don't need to create an account to view or download the presentation
  • Advancing the slides was near real-time when tested