This interactive timeline creator allows for easily and quickly adding events with text and images.

Points to Consider
  • Must include specific dates (not just years)
  • Color scheme is not editable
  • No way to title the timeline in the timeline itself (when embedding the timeline into other pages, this can be a problem)
  • Can't paste text into the text box using keyboard shortcuts- must right-click, paste
  • No audio or video (unless linked to)
  • Others cannot contribute to timeline
  • Timeline is public only
  • Can add links

This timeline generator allows for interactive multimedia timelines. Unlike other timelines, these can be edited by others with the correct permissions.

Points to Consider
  • Can upload or embed images
  • Can embed videos (must be hosted elsewhere)
  • Timeline contains a description page
  • Can be collaborative
  • Ad-supported
  • Navigating the timeline can get a user side-tracked
  • Images don't scale down well
  • Each event provides a link to a detail page
  • Appearance cannot be easily controlled
  • Cannot add links to the text of the timeline entries