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This site comes to us courtesy of South Africa- appropriate since the site is a collection of incredible video footage of the natural world including animals and the environment. Moreover, the site allows you to actually download the videos in standard def or HD (720p)- or you can choose to stream it directly from their site if you so wish. The ability to embed their videos in your own site is not a feature (yet) so click on this screenshot to be taken to their page with this incredible video.

As you can see, they provide more than just video- it’s sort of an interactive encyclopedia that just happens to have some of the best video footage around.


Online video editing site with some basic features:
  • Upload videos/images in a variety of formats
  • Use the online editors to mix & cut videos
  • Export the mixed video in various means
  • Embed the edited video
  • Collaborate with friends

The video at the right is hosted at JayCut.