Where do you find these cool things?
This is a featured page
This is a featured page

That's a good question- and the answer is "from all over the place" including:

Here are some of the better Web 2.0 directories (in order of importance in my opinion):

Go 2 Web 2.0external image GW1043H685
This is by far the best directory out there, though it may be a little slow loading.

Ziipaexternal image GW895H704
Another good one, though not quite as comprehensive.

external image GW400H300Cnet Webware
Some of the news mentioned here isn't relevant to Web 2.0, but it's a great place to keep up with the latest trends!

Startup Memeexternal image GW400H300
New startups tend to have some creative applications out there for us to use.

Mashableexternal image GW400H300
Mash-ups are combinations of two or more web 2.0 tools designed to provide interaction for specific uses. Some of these are incredible!