Web 2.0 Tools come and go- that's just the nature of Web 2.0. Unfortunately, the websites listed here, though once with us on our wonderful Web 2.0 wiki, are no longer with us:

Backflip- was a great bookmarking service that went under when their servers crashed and all data was lost. Bummer.

BubbleSnap- a slideshow maker from Kodak that allowed embeddable widgets and such.

Circavie- a great online timeline generator from AOL.

Comiqs- was a nice comic book creation site, much like the Comic Life software. It went by the wayside quietly.

DukaDial- a great way to connect two phone numbers without paying any long distance fees.

FlowGram- a slideshow maker of sorts that allowed narrating and embedding/highlighting of websites.

GCast- great way to podcast by phone then embed the widget anywhere- podcasting on the fly!

g.ho.stThis site was truly a virtual desktop. Registered users (free) have access to a virtual desktop that they can access anywhere. Users can access their saved files and built-in, web-based office productivity applications (Google Docs & Zoho) without installing anything!

Imagination Cubed-provided by GE, was a markerboard app that recorded and replayed what you wrote with the mouse/pen.

JumpCut- Yahoo took over and discontinued this online video editor.

LetsCallMe- create a link to your phone number; user can call you without giving out your phone number. This is a moot point now that Google Voice has emerged! The site is still around, but it is no longer free!

Lifehaps- This interactive timeline generator has been discontinued and will resurface as a facebook app in the future!

MagToo- Like RockYou, this site made cool slideshows with special effects from your images. I think they had some major copyright issues with their music.

Moblyng- used to be a slideshow generator like slide.com and rockyou.com, but no longer!

MyFakeWall.com- This was a nice, fake Facebook wall builder where students could tell a story through a Facebook wall. It became a redirect to an escort service! Yikes!

MyPodcast.com- This site hosted your podcast for free, but inserted some audio advertising. They provided the feed and everything necessary for you to create a podcast.

MyWebspiration- OK, in all fairness, this product from the makers of Inspiration is not dead- but the free version is. It was/is a great way to create mind maps online with graphics and all.

Ning- Was a great way to build private social networks. The site is still around but not exactly free- and is blocked by many organizations!

Offtype.net- was a fast, fun, free and easy way to draw your own images online.

PageflakesAnother great choice for assimilating relevant data and widgets was Pageflakes. I'm not sure what happened to it, but it's gone now!

Picnik.com- was the gold standard in quick, online image editing for non-Photoshop users. The site was bought by Google and died on April 19, 2012- presumably to be worked into some other Google project (maybe integrated into Picasa?). Luckily, iPiccy came along and is a great replacement with an almost identical interface!

RockYou- like MagToo, this site made cool slideshows with special effects from your images.

Scrapblog- was an awesome scrapbook maker online. This was bought out by the people at Mixbook.com, which is almost just as great (but has no music to go with it's presentations).

Screentoaster- was a great online screen recorder with audio and embed code. Try Screencast-o-matic instead!

Sprout- a quick, flash-based, website builder (see animation at right)

UniFlip- creates online flip books from various file formats and hosts content. Went from free to 8-day trial!

URLBunch- this was one of the original sites that created one URL out of a series of multiple URLs.

ViaTalk- connected two phone numbers for free with a ten minute call limit.

ZIPmyURL- allowed user to enter mutliple URLs and it would zip them into one easy to share URL and create a page with links and thumbnails. Eastern European spammers put an end to this one.