These types of sites allow you to create a hosted website with meaningful content in minutes (OK, lots of minutes) rather than hours or days. Furthermore- they are hosted automatically and for free. And we all love free!


Free website - Powered By Wix.comThis awesome site allows you to create a hosted website with limited watermarking and no advertisements.

Some of the features to note:
  • many well designed templates
  • can add music from their library
  • finished website can be linked to or embedded
  • registration required
    • Note that the Gmail multiple account trick won't work- use to register multiple accounts.
  • can add as many pages as you need
  • can link Flickr and other photo sharing accounts
  • built-in clip art library
  • built-in animations to use


Glogster is a dynamic, web wall that can include images, text, scrapbook-like embellishments, video, audio, stamps, and more. These can be used by students to show their understanding of almost any concept. This is great for alternate forms of assessment, enrichment, and just to let students chew on and digest concepts.

Consider this for things such as:
  • 5 W's for specific events
  • Biography
  • Book report alternative
  • Student response journal
  • Teacher instructions

For help with using Glogster, check out this tutorial, or simply search "Glgoster tutorial" to find all kinds of step-by-step directions!

Click here to access the information for the Mark Twain Glogster practice activity.

Sites to add later: