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Here you'll find some of the coolest web 2.0 applications that can be used for all kinds of curriculum integration projects! Educators can create their own wiki here at wikispaces and have the ads removed for free!

Some Definitions (let's get these out of the way first):

Web 2.0
the next generation of the internet where the content of the web is created or edited by end-users (either individually or collaboratively) rather than those few geeky computer nerds. Further, these sites often allow collaboration, sharing, and assimilation to bring about exchanges of ideas from many different perspectives in the form of text, photos, videos, and/or other multimedia components

  • Means "quick" in the native Hawaiian language or some claim it stands for "What I Know Is..." (that's a "backronym")
  • Collaborative website where multiple users contribute, have discussions, etc.
  • Can set permissions, track history, etc.
  • The website you are currently reading is the home page of a wiki

Live "players" or "gadgets" that are created on Web 2.0 sites then embedded into a start page such as a wiki, blog, normal website, etc. See the example Slideroll widget below in the next section.

Linking vs. Embedding

Linking and embedding are two different methods of sharing the things you have created at various Web 2.0 sites. This is an example of an embedded widget at the right:

Sometimes you can't embed your creations- either because your wiki/blog/start page won't allow the type of code or because you just want to provide someone the link to your creation (like in an email or printed document). You can see the same Slideroll slideshow that plays to the right by clicking on this link.

Freemium (seriously, I am not making this up)
This new word surfaced as many websites introduced a new business model. In short, the model offers free, limited access of their service or product in hopes of enticing you to purchase the premium version of their service or product. Many Web 2.0 sites (including Animoto, Letterpop, Wix, and lots more) operate under this model.

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